Hush Puppies Boots, Shoes & Sandals

1 in 3 children require a different fitting between their left and right feet.
Only Hush Puppies have a unique set of precisely calibrated foot beds for each shoe, which tailor the fit individually to each foot if required.
All Hush Puppies shoes come in whole sizes, and selected styles in half sizes, with E, F and G fittings.
All Hush Puppies shoes have up to 3 months growth room built into them, therefore we recommend that your child’s feet should be re-measured every 3 months.
A child’s foot evolves from toddler (containing 45 pieces of developing bone) to adult (in which most of the bone have fused together) by the age of 18. During this growth period, the soft bones must be carefully supported and allowed sufficient room to grow.
One in three children require different fittings for each foot. With this unique footbed system we are able to fit each foot individually for width and depth.
The average growth rate for children aged 1-4 is 2½ sizes per year. Between 5-10 years average growth rate 1 size per year.
An individual child’s foot may grow up to 4 sizes in a year particularly during infancy.