National Shoe Fitting Week from Saturday 24th of March.


Professional shoe fitting is preventative medicine that is free, so take advantage of the

National Shoe Fitting Week and give your family’s feet some professional TLC.

Few people realise that putting their child into ill-fitting shoes, or badly worn ‘hand-me-downs’ can damage their health. Not only while they are young and the bones are forming, but also when they are older as health problems can develop as a result of poor footwear.

If we walk to avoid pain then it wears out other joints and tendons in the body and that’s why so many people end up with knee, hip, leg, neck, shoulder and back pain in later life. Even severe migraines can be caused by badly fitting footwear. When joints wear unnaturally then nerves can get trapped causing pain –  later on arthritis and rheumatism can set in.

Children’s feet are very delicate and need to be protected as they grow and develop. If damage is done to the feet through ill-fitting or poor quality shoes then that damage can often be irreversible. It is a parent’s responsibility to get their child’s feet measured regularly, and to have all their footwear checked at least every 2-3 months; more frequently if your child is of pre-school age.

National Shoe Fitting Week is an annual campaign that aims to raise awareness about having feet measured and checked by a fully qualified professional fitter. It is especially important for those who are at greatest risk from ill-fitting shoes, i.e. children and diabetics. Look out for the SSF (Society of Shoe Fitters) accreditation or the CFHR (Children’s Foot Health Register) symbol, or both!



The SSF and their retail/associate members work closely with The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists. These health professionals can offer help and advice on all aspects of foot health.

As a parent you probably don’t want to take on the responsibility of fitting your children’s feet when there are trained professionals to do it for you.

You wouldn’t take your car to be serviced by anyone other than a qualified motor mechanic, so why would you entrust your children’s foot health to guess work or someone who isn’t trained in that particular area? Like with their teeth, eyes and ears your child’s feet need professional care.

Klodhoppers are running the campaign throughout the entire Easter holidays.

There will be lots of activities going on, including

  • Free size measuring and fitting checks on all shoes – just pop in and get everything checked.
  • Klodhoppers Footsteps Initiative – we will be extending our free pre-school measuring and size checks into 5 different local nurseries in the lead up to and during National Shoe Fitting Week.
  • Win the giant plush Hush Puppies dog – make a small cash donation (£1 suggested) and guess the dog’s name. If your name is ‘pulled out of the hat’ then you get to take the dog home. All proceeds will go to a local charity.
  • Eggcellent Easter Early Bird promotion – 10% off all leather sandals during the campaign week.
  • Free To Enter Colouring competition –win lots of lovely goodie bags.
  • Free To Enter ‘Pin the Tail on the Easter Bunny’ game – have a go in-store (blindfolded) and get the chance to win a prize.

Special thanks to Hush Puppies, HB Shoes, Crocs and Richter for kindly donating competition prizes, freebies, balloons and giveaways for this year’s campaign.


Support your local independent shoe shop and protect your children’s feet.


When Should I Buy My School Shoes?


All of our school shoes have arrived in store by the end of July, as the schools start to break up for the holidays, so this is when we have a full selection of styles and size runs to choose from, i.e. the best of the collection. Moreover, if your child has a specific requirement e.g. very narrow feet, very wide feet, hypermobility, orthotics etc, then this is the best time to come and choose from the whole range. There will be a better selection and more options to suit your child’s specific needs, before everything gets ‘picked over’.

There is also the myth that if you leave your school shoe buying to the last minute it will be the most cost effective course of action, “in case my child grows over the summer”. We tend to fit slightly bigger at the beginning of the school holidays to allow for this potential summer growth spurt (which doesn’t always happen!). In addition to this, if customers do buy early from us we always advise them to keep their receipt, don’t wear the shoes outside, and if they are concerned about a big growth spurt over the holidays, then subject to availability, we will swap the shoes for the next half size up etc. It’s quite simple, and it helps to make things a lot more stress-free for parents – including less time queueing!

Some of our customers go off to their holiday home abroad for the entire summer. They tend to buy their school shoes and uniform very early, the last thing they want to think about during the last couple of days before they return to work/school is going shopping for school shoes, when it’s very slim pickings. So by shopping early they get the best choice.

As professional fitters we can always factor in that bit of extra growing room, but all school shoes have this extra space ‘programmed into’ the size anyway. Most school-age children’s feet will grow in rapid erratic bursts throughout the year, therefore on average you only need to buy two pairs of school shoes per academic year. Of course, if your child is very ‘hard’ on their shoes, (they may climb a lot, play football, or use their shoe as a brake for their scooter or bike) then their shoes will take ‘more of a bashing’ and they will need more than two pairs.

School shoes are not indestructible – children will always find a way to destroy them! Remember that they are worn for the entire week, and are subjected to a huge amount of wear and tear.

We also advise that any children starting Reception will benefit from having a shoe with a toe bumper or scuffguard, as they spend a lot of time in that first year on their knees, as opposed to always sitting at a desk.

Therefore any school shoes should be sturdy, durable, comfortable and preferably breathable. If this is your child’s main item of footwear for 5 days a week, and for 6-7 hours a day, then it is a false economy and inadvisable for your child’s long-term foot health to choose a cheap, ill-fitting option. If your child walks to school then invest in a pair of wellies for their journey on rainy days and get them to change into their shoes when they get to school. You wouldn’t want to sit in wet shoes all day, so why should they?

Remember – we also sell socks, shoe labels, plimsolls, trainers and backpacks!


Our favourite kids’ beach shoes and flip flops

Now that the summer is really here with the beautiful weather and a rise in temperature, you need to make sure your children’s feet are cool and healthy.

Choosing some good practical beach shoes or flip flops is a step in the right direction.

Sweaty socks and hot trainers can encourage fungal infections such as Athlete’s Foot, so encourage your kids to get their feet out of their shoes and trainers, and let them breathe.

Walking barefoot around the house and garden is very good for foot health during the summer.

Some of our favourite beach shoes are by Crocs. There is a huge range of styles including the Classic, flip flops with backstraps – Classic Kids Flip, an aqua shoe – the Swiftwater Wave and the Bump-It clogs with extra toe bumpers if your children are even more active that usual!

4110850_2711 (A)4110850_9491_A_

From the classic Brasil Logo style to the elegant Slim style these flip flops come in a range of colours and designs. They are easy to wear and easy to pack for your summer holidays and a practical and stylish choice for your children for the beach, the garden and by the pool

80416A-20791 RioII PinkLightPinkSS 2013 81030 LADIES SILVER

Another Brazilian favourite – Ipanema flip flops come in lots of colourful designs. The soft, spongy footbeds make these beach shoes a firm favourite for comfort, especially the Ladies Tropical style with the anatomically-shaped footbed. These are very popular with the older girls and mums alike. Always a favourite with the kids is the Rio, which comes in a host of colours.

Aqua shoes

These are a relatively inexpensive option for the summer especially if your child leads a very active lifestyle. They are great for clambering over rocks and hot or stony beaches and they are perfect for messing about on boats or doing lots of water sports. Plus these shoes will help to protect their feet if your children use communal showers when you go camping or swimming.

Aqua shoes are usually made out of neoprene uppers (wetsuit material) and rubber soles, with a very good grip. The neoprene is designed to dry quickly once the feet have come out of the water. When fitting these try to remember not to go too big with the size as they do tend to stretch when they are wet.


Some of our best selling Beach Shoes each summer season are the kids’ Timberland sandal range. With styles including Adventure Seeker and Mad River, they come in a selection of bright colours, all with Velcro straps, and their comfortable neoprene-backed lining with synthetic uppers makes them a very firm favourite. The footbeds also have an anti bacterial property incorporated into them which eliminates that sweaty smell. These sandals are completely waterproof, so it makes them very practical and extremely popular with parents and children alike. The price point is very competitive for a branded product.

FLORAL SWEETHEART 1431Saltwater Sandals

This is a fabulous product from the USA – an actual leather sandal with a special coating which is designed to get wet. You can ‘dress them up’ or ‘dress them down’ – so they ‘tick a lot of boxes’ for parents. From the stylish classic Original, to the Sun-San Surfer or Swimmer with the more padded footbeds – they are available in lots of colours and different finishes including patent, matt or pearlised.


Jelly shoes

Jelly shoes are an inexpensive option for the beach, the pool or the garden. Some of them come with Velcro straps, some have buckles and some come with poppers (but look like buckles!)

These shoes can be easily washed or scrubbed, or simply dropped into the bath water after your children have bathed at the end of the day. Leave them to drain and they are ready to go for the next day!

Favourite Girl’s Party Shoes For Summer

Party shoes for girls

Our Favourite Girl’s Party Shoes For This Summer

Looking for the perfect girl’s party shoes for your favourite little girl to wear at a wedding or party this summer?

We have the answer – take a look at our range of stunning sandals and shoes from Irregular Choice – quirky and eye-catching, she’s sure to stand out from the crowd this summer.

Kids’ Angel Wings Mary Jane Shoes

Irregular Choice Angel Wings

This is the perfect girl’s bridesmaid or flower girl shoe – featuring a floral tapestry effect fabric upper with an iridescent scallop trim and padded scale effect detailing. Also features a secure velcro fastening around the ankle finished off with a cute bow. The sole is made from ridged rubber to ensure a flexible and sturdy grip.

Kids’ Mini Reins Canvas Mary Jane Shoes, Pink Spot

Irregular Choice Mini Reins
Most little girls love unicorns – watch her gallop around in these great little party shoes!  The shoes feature a polka dot fabric upper with a scalloped edge, a velcro strap across the front and a unicorn embellishment on the toe.

Baby Bow-Bell Open Toe Sandal, Gold

gold girls sandal

These are the perfect party sandals for your budding disco diva, featuring a glittery t-bar upper with an iridescent heel and secure velcro strap. Also comes with a heart and bow embellishment.

Blue Flamingo T-Bar

Pretty Girls party shoe

These pretty flamingo themed pumps will have your kids stepping out in style with a hop, skip and a jump of floral fun this season. Comes with a secure velcro strap to make sure they stay put during playtime. Also features an iridescent, sparkly heel and strap, a tropical themed fabric upper, delicate scallop trim, flamingo and  a heart embellishment.

Navy Cherry Toe-In Sandal

Girls navy sailor sandal

Cherry nice! These sandals are super sweet and the perfect run around sandal for the holidays and special occasions. Comes with a flexible pearlised rubber sole, a polka dot fabric upper, a large cherry and anchor embellishment and a secure velcro fastening across the front.

Ranging in size from a child’s 9 to 2.5 there are sandals, canvas and mary janes which we think are perfect as girl’s party shoes and girls summer wedding shoes.

The Best Summer Shoes for Kids

We’ve rounded up the best summer shoes for kids. Can you guess what they are? There are 6 brands that we can’t get enough of. Read on to discover…

Our favourite Summer shoes for kids

Trends come and go but these shoes are timeless classics that we always stock as bestsellers. Practical, stylish and hardwearing these kids shoe brands are customer favourites. Parents invest these brands year after year, here’s why.

Saltwater Sandals

Saltwater Sandals

These classic styled children’s leather sandals have been around since the 1940s. Their robust wet and dry design makes them perfect summer shoes for kids. The leather is coated with a water resistant sealant so they can be worn in wet and dry conditions, ideal for running in and out of the sea. Saltwater sandals also mould to the user’s foot shape over time. Adjustable brass buckles at the ankle ensure the perfect fit. See our full range of Saltwater sandals.


Crocs shoes for kids

Originally designed as a comfortable boat shoe Crocs are now a summer staple. Perfect for summer adventures such as camping, beach trips or festivals. Strong and lightweight, these shoes will take any terrain and any survive summer showers rain and mud. Simply hose them down, watch the water drip off and they are as good as new again ready for the next adventure. Every summer crocs release new designs and colour combinations into stores. The original crocs classic is still a best seller however there are now hundreds of designs in the Crocs range. View our full range of Crocs.


girls pink birkenstock shoes

Birkenstocks are designed for comfort. Their deep footbed is ideal for growing feet. Adjustable straps and good quality leather ensure the shoes will mould to a comfortable fit. Great for walking in hot weather. A wide range of styles for both both boys and girls makes it easy to find perfect summer shoes for kids. There is even a waterproof rubber style for the beach. view our full range of Birkenstocks.


Grey converse shoes for kids

Converse all stars are a classic for kids, tweens and teens. Lightweight canvas uppers in a range of colours and a comfortable trainer sole. Loved by rock stars and often seen on celebrity kids out and about. Look out for limited editions which appear in each season. Covetable unique designs featuring special fabrics, finishes and designer collaborations. View our full range of Converse.


havaianas flores flip flops for kids

Bringing a little bit of South American sunshine to the english summer with a riot of colourful designs. Havaianas was the first brand to mass produce flip flops during the 1960s in Brazil. Now they are popular worldwide. Like converse every year sees bright and colourful prints alongside the classic colour schemes such as yellow and black. There is also a Baby Brasil Havaianas with an elasticated backstrap for toddlers. View our full range of Havaianas.


Timberland sandals for kids

Timberland Adventure Seekers are quickly becoming all time classic summer shoes for kids. They are lightweight yet strong, water resistant and really comfy. Two adjustable straps ensure comfort and fit for wide and narrow feet. Plus a great range of colour ways for boys and girls. These shoes will see even the toughest adventurers through a summer of fun. View our range of Timberland Sandals.

The best thing of all is that these classic brands also sell the same styles in adult sizes. Perfect Summer style for mum and dad too!

Baby’s first shoe – Pre- walker and first walker shoes

Baby's feet ready for shoes

Are you ready for baby’s first shoe?

Your baby is crawling and has now started to pull himself upright. He is starting to move from crawling to taking his first steps with your help and unaided. Is it time to buy baby’s first shoe?

Cruising (when babies start to move on from crawling) and walking starts to put pressure on baby’s feet and they will benefit from the support of shoes. Every child is different and this can happen at anytime from around 9 months. Baby’s first shoe will be a pre-walker or first walker shoe. It is important that first shoes are soft and flexible. Fitting a shoe too soon that is rigid or too tight can damage a baby’s tender developing bones. After baby starts to take their first steps barefoot is still best whenever possible. This allows them to naturally develop the the muscles in their feet. Soft soled pram shoes are best for protecting baby’s feet whilst out and about in the buggy. Once baby has been walking confidently unaided for around 6-8 weeks indoors and outside they will be ready for a first walker shoe.

Fitting a first shoe depends on the shape and size of each child’s foot. T-Bars and velcro straps suit wide chubby feet. Alternatively a  mary-jane style will suit a narrower shallow foot.  Ankles need support and padding. Every brand of shoe fits slightly differently and a qualified shoe fitter will be able to asses exactly which shoe is best to support your baby’s growing feet.

Best brands for Pre Walker and First Walker shoes

Bobux – The Bobux Step Up range is a really flexible range of shoes, supporting developing feet with room to grow as well as protecting them from the adventures of cruising and walking.

Bobux shoes for baby

Biogateo – Designed to improve balance and stability. Extra ankle support provides support in the transition from crawling to walking. Strong yet flexible these shoes are designed to encourage children to walk independently.

Hush Puppies – Renowned for their durability, comfort and style. Hush Puppies pre walkers have toe bumpers to protect feet whilst crawling and walking.

Hush Puppies First shoes

Kickers – Stylish shoes for little walkers. Durable, breathable leather and flexible soles give little feet all the protection and support they need to get moving.

Kickers first walkers


If you are unsure whether your baby is ready for a pre-walker or first-walker shoe come in and ask us. At Klodhoppers we’re always happy to offer a fitting and advise which shoes would be best for your child at any age. For first fittings we offer your child a cuddly toy to put them at ease as well as a money off voucher for your next Klodhoppers purchase. Visit us in-store to find out more.

National Shoe Fitting Week – Foot Facts Quiz





  1. There are ____________ bones in each of our feet

a) 20                           b)      26                             c)      31

  1. The average adult walks approximately ________steps each day

a) 3000                   b) 5000               c)    10000

  1. The largest bone in the foot is the ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­___________bone

a) heel           b)      big toe          c)      first metatarsal

  1. How many arches are there in the human foot?

a) 2                                b)      3                           c)      4

  1. Before shoe sizes as we now know them were introduced, what was the unit used to measure them?

a) stalks of wheat               b)      barleycorns         c)      thumb lengths



  • Remember to write your name, age and contact details at the bottom of this form.
  • Entries to be returned to us by Friday 21stApril 2017
  • Judges decision is final
  • Unless you tell us otherwise, your email contact will be added to our database, but will NOT be shared with any third party




National Shoe Fitting Week – Wordsearch






  • Fill in the wordsearch and get the chance to win a prize!
  • Remember to write your name, age and contact details at the bottom of this form.
  • Entries to be returned to us by Friday 21st April 2017
  • Judges decision is final
  • Unless you tell us otherwise, your email contact will be added to our database, but will NOT be shared with any third party




Kim’s Blog -The Shoe Is On The Other Foot, Part 5 – Does my child need plimsolls for school?

‘My child has to wear plimsolls indoors at school, but I can’t see the point of this!’

Black Plimsoll

I do agree, how pointless! Why have you spent money on a properly fitted school shoe in order to protect your child’s feet all day, when they are told to change into plimsolls?

First of all, plimsolls are usually only available in a single (average) width fitting, and in most cases, whole sizes only. Surveys show that only 28% of children have ‘average’ fitting feet. Seven in ten children will be forced to wear plimsolls that are too wide, too narrow, too long or too short. This is not detrimental for short periods such as P.E. lessons or exercising, but very unwise for longer periods.

If you have any queries then please email me at:-

Best wishes


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Kim’s Blog – The Shoe Is On The Other Foot, Part 4 – Can he wear his older brother’s school shoes?


‘Hand me down’ shoes are not something that I would advise, even though we know it happens.

You can hand down footwear such as wellies and Crocs, aqua shoes and flip flops – footwear items that aren’t designed to be worn every day. But I would avoid handing down school shoes, especially if it is a leather shoe and it will probably be the case that it has moulded to the shape of the previous wearer’s feet. The second wearer will almost be forced into walking in the same way as the first wearer.

So pre-worn shoes might rub and not support in the vital areas.

Also, when you consider that our feet sweat an eggcupful of perspiration every day, the inside of those shoes will have been subjected to a great deal of sweat too! Plus they can harbour other infections such as fungal infections which are very stubborn to eradicate.

If you have any queries then please email me at:-

Best wishes


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